Product digitization carries unique selling points, growth, efficiency and future viability!

Every product can be digitized.

How long do brand manufacturers want to, and can they afford to claim that “everything is different here” and “that doesn’t work for us”? As soon as they seriously validate the power of product digitization for their products and their company, they will come across sensible and quickly realizable approaches on both a small and a large scale because product digitization carries with it growth, efficiency and future viability. Want some examples?

Where you don’t expect product digitization right away

There is little that is more analogue than a stamp. And yet… Deutsche Post is now numbering stamps, thus allowing customers to track their shipments. And it’s doing this even though it’s not relying on new customer acquisition and retention. WHY?

There are few things cuddlier and more tactile than a teddy bear. And yet… stuffed animal and mascot manufacturers are bringing digital life to their products. In doing so, they allow their owners more individuality, personalized experience variety and community feeling. WHY?

There are few things more “spirited” than a top-shelf cognac, a locally distilled gin, or premium wines. And yet… spirits producers and winemakers are digitizing their products to offer their customers far-reaching proof of origin, individual product stories and personalized services. WHY?

WHY are they doing this? Because each of these measures – depending on the objective – pays into the vital corporate goals: Growth (sales, revenue, customer base), efficiency and future viability. Name one product where this doesn’t work.

You can find even more examples here or by talking to us directly.

What does this mean for brand manufacturers?

Analogue products, even those with soul, benefit from digitalization, digital (parallel) life, and digitally crossing the boundaries of their physical limitations. Our unique S³ consulting model shows the potential of product digitalization for your products and your company. We explain our S³ consulting model to interested customers here.

About Bridge of Trust DIGITAL

Bridge of Trust DIGITAL is the trusted bridge builder between brand, product and customer – a full-service agency for digital innovations. The focus is on the digitization of products: To this end, Bridge of Trust DIGITAL provides all the necessary technologies and advises you competently, concretely and with a lot of passion and hunger for success.

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