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Companies need the digital creative director

The time is ripe for a new job title, a new management position, not only in manufacturing companies. The numerous possibilities of digitization, the various so-called new technologies, the inexhaustible fields of application in the various industries and markets, the complex possibilities in B2C / B2B / B2B2C interaction: all this means that “simple” CIOs and CDOs are increasingly also expected to have a creative-innovative work share.
But can they actually do this? Most of the time, they are involved in the burning day-to-day business. Knowing about new trends is one thing. The reliable evaluation of the respective opportunities and risks for one’s own core business is another. The combination of a new idea with existing and other new technologies then increases the requirements completely. And if you want to move towards a new idea, who do you call in for the conception and realization?

DCD ensure powerful and growth-oriented digitization strategies
Combined with the existing workload, this doesn’t sound like a dream job description. So why not outsource the creative part to a new position? In my opinion, the human requirements for this position are equal to the technical skills. Because great creative directors must be able to “PEOPLE”, communicate, unite, connect, harmonize and last but not least absolutely inspire.
In my view, the benefits of a DCD are enormous: companies are quicker to evaluate new trends in terms of what is sensibly feasible, they know the impact on their business (SWOT) at an early stage, they can reliably identify opportunity advantages for other areas of the company and know how to exploit them. As a result, they design powerful and growth-oriented digitization strategies that serve the company’s success in the short, medium and long term.

If you don’t have a DCD at hand right now: Bridge of Trust Digital is happy to accompany you as a sparring partner on your digital journey.

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