Each project is unique


Here are a few examples of various digitisation projects that implement different technologies and solutions.

Is your project not listed? This should be no surprise, as digitisation offers countless possibilities.

We transfer and project existing solutions onto your business environment and generate innovative and new business models for your company.

Product-related customer interaction for more sales and customer loyalty.

Long-term customer loyalty for sports, fashion and leisure.

Digital proof of originality and product information for branded products.

Enforce global pricing strategies for branded products.

Digitization projects and applications

Transparent proof of origin of raw materials and intermediate products.

Digitization projects and applications

Smart apps for honest customer engagement.

Digitization projects and applications

Digitaler, fäschungssicherer Eigentumsnachweis.

Digitization projects and applications

Digital product protection and customer loyalty for spirits.

Physical and digital document security and notarization.

Digitization creates new business models for manufacturing companies.

Global After Market under Control.

Serialization can do more: added value for patients and healthcare providers.

Digitization projects and applications

IT Asset Management 4.0

Digitization projects and applications

Secure identification of sensitive products.

More efficient and auditable maintenance and inspection management.

Digitization projects and applications

End-to-end traceability.

Gateway ins Metaverse: Von physisch zu digital

AI Process Automation.


  • Blockchain technology to prevent data tampering; NFTs; notarised certification
  • Digital and physical proof of first opening and notification of manipulation
  • Unique QR codes on security labels
  • Unique QR codes on technical parts
  • Individual item identification (serialization, “One-Code-Fits-All”)
  • Interoperability
  • Combined NFC / RFID applications for logistics and customers
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Personalised and customizable NFC chips (online/offline use)
  • Scalable SaaS and cloud applications
  • Smart IoT Apps (PWA)